Project guide

In this section you will find a range of resources to support taking part in Design Ventura. The project is broken down into eight sections, which provides loose guidance to how you might want to run the project at your school.

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    Teacher Prep

    You must log in to access this section. Resources for getting ready to run the project and booking visits, workshops and CPD.

  • 01


    Resources to help getting into teams, watch the brief film and get started on the project.

  • 02


    Understand the setting for your ideas including Design Museum Shop and target audience

  • 03

    Idea Generation

    Get creative and look for ways to come up with new and original responses to the theme

  • 04

    Refining your design

    Reflect on different aspects of the brief to help develop ideas, find flaws and rethink to make them even better.

  • 05


    Make decisions on the manufacturing, costing and marketing of product ideas.

  • 06

    Pitching your idea

    Communicate product ideas on paper and through a pitch.

  • 07

    Submitting & Finishing up

    A chance to reflect on the lessons learnt throught the process and think about what’s next.

  • MC

    Mini Challenge

    Resources to support the delivery of the Mini Challenge.

  • V

    Video Resources

    Video resources relating to the current Design Ventura programme