2022-23 Wellbeing Mini Challenge Winners

Posted by Elysia Thorpe on October 20 2022

Design Ventura

This year’s Design Ventura Mini Challenge is open to students in years 7 and 8. The theme for this year’s mini challenge is wellbeing, inspired by the Design Museum’s The world of ASMR exhibition.

Students are asked to come up with an idea for a new product for the Design Museum Shop that tackle’s a related issue to wellbeing (e.g: mental healthconnecting with others, being active, take notice of our environment etc.). You can see a shortlist of last year’s winning ideas here.

The brief:

Students are asked to submit an image of their product idea and complete a short form. Winners are announced fortnightly on Twitter and Instagram from October 2022 until February 2023 and winning students are sent a prize in the post.

Here are the winning submissions for the Wellbeing Mini Challenge 2022-23:

Week 1: ‘Small Goals for Everyday’ by Rosie age 11 from the Oakwood School.
A dice game designed to be used each day for self reflection and goal setting. Each dice has a different activity related to exercise, health and wellbeing on to complete in the day.

Week 2: ‘Small Goals for Everyday’ by Ishan age 11 from the Lochinver House.
A cube designed to bring the ASMR experience into a toy which engages the senses.

Week 3: ‘Trash Talk’ by Zach age 11 from the The Bluecoat School.
A set of three desktop trash bins for kids to write down their thoughts on the day and empty weekly.