2021-22 Waste Age Mini Challenge Winners

Posted by Elysia Thorpe on November 16 2021

Design Ventura

This year’s Design Ventura Mini Challenge is open to students in years 7 and 8. The theme for this year’s mini challenge is waste, inspired by the Design Museum’s Waste Age exhibition.

Students are asked to come up with an idea for a new product for the Design Museum Shop that either tackles a waste issue or uses a waste material. You can see a shortlist of last year’s winning ideas here.

The brief:

Students are asked to submit an image of their product idea and complete a short form. Winners are announced fortnightly on Twitter and Instagram from September 2021 until February 2022 and winning students are sent a prize in the post.

Here are the winning submissions for the Waste Age Mini Challenge 2021-22:

Week 1: ‘Build your own Snuffle Mat’ by Max age 11 from The Bluecoat School. A kit that allows you to to create your own pet toy out of recycled clothing and textiles.

Week 2: ‘Put it in Your Belly Before it Gets Smelly!’ by Samuel age 11 from Fulford School. Food containers designed with a timer to help minimise food waste by reminding you when your food will go off.

Week 3: ‘Keyboard Necklace’ by Matilda age 12 from the Richard Lander School. This design makes use of old keyboard letters to create your own customisable jewellery.
Week 4: ‘Recycled Mini Mask Bag’ by Thomas age 12 from the Huddersfield Grammar School. This design up-cycles cleaned disposable masks to create a bag.
Week 5: ‘Fabric Yoyo kit’ by Emma age 12 from the Oakham School. A creative kit that reuses fabric, buttons, and other recycled items to make a yoyo

Well done students and be sure to keep those submissions coming!