Mini Challenge Shortlist, Design Ventura 2020

Posted by Elysia Thorpe on August 19 2021

Design Ventura

The mini challenge offers a taster of the Design Ventura programme for younger students, which can be run in a single lesson, set over rotation or given as homework.

For Design Ventura 2020 we received 3,000 submissions from students across the country during lock down. Of the 25 winners, a shortlist of 6 student designs were displayed at the Design Museum as part of the Design Ventura exhibition from 12 June – 22 August 2021.

Below is that shortlist:

Hand Holding Gloves
Betsy, Davison High School
A pair of gloves designed to simulate the feeling of holding hands for those struggling with loneliness over lock down.

Submission for Hand Holding Gloves from Betsy, Davison High School.
Illustration of Hand Holding Gloves included in the Design Ventura 2020 exhibition.

Rainforest Rescue
Ivy, The Nottingham Emmanuel School
A play scene that teaches children why it is important to look after the world around us.

Submission for Rainforest Rescue from Ivy, The Nottingham Emmanuel School.
Illustration of Rainforest Rescue included in the Design Ventura 2020 exhibition.

Sensory Rubik’s cube
Emma, Simon Langton Girls’ Grammar School
A Rubik’s cube with different surfaces on each side so that the cube can be used by those who are visually impaired.

Submission for Sensory Rubik’s Cube from Emma, Simon Langton Girls’ Grammar School
Illustration of Sensory Rubik’s cube included in the Design Ventura 2020 exhibition.

S.O.S (Save our seas) Dominoes
Tom, Liverpool College

A family game made from beach plastic, each domino features an endangered marine species. Aimed at ages 3+.

Submission for S.O.S (Save our sea’s) from Tom, Liverpool College.
Illustration of S.O.S (Save Our Seas) Dominoes included in the Design Ventura 2020 exhibition.

Spring Rain Shoes
Lara, Walthamstow School for Girls
Comfortable and breathable shoes with a hydrochromic design that is revealed when the shoe gets wet.

Submission for Spring Rain Shoes from Lara,Walthamstow School for Girls.
Illustration of Spring rain shoes included in the Design Ventura 2020 exhibition.

Wild Wrapping
Aoife, Didcot Girls’ School

Biodegradable wrapping paper which has flower seeds embedded in it. The pattern is made with natural, non- toxic dye. Instead of throwing it away, the gift receiver is able to plant the paper and it will grow flowers that will attract bees and butterflies to their garden.

Submission for Wild Wrapping from Aoife, Didcot Girls’ School
Illustration of Wild Wrapping included in the Design Ventura 2020 exhibition.

The Design Ventura online mini challenge for years 7 and 8 will return for Design Ventura 2021-22. This year’s challenge will be waste themed, inspired by the Design Museum’s upcoming Waste Age exhibition.

Find out more about the Waste Age mini challenge here.