Peta Miller

Nash Design


Peta is passionate about design, she is equal parts conscientious creative and smart strategist, and believes in the power of the big idea as the starting point for every brand’s identity. Peta has over three decades of creative expertise, business acumen and production know-how. Peta is a Fellow of the Chartered Society of Designers and a Chartered Designer. She has been a Design Ventura industry volunteer since 2013.

Advice for getting into careers

Focus on preparing an excellent portfolio of work, never stop creating and sketching. Learn about great designers in the area you’re interested in, think about why they inspire you. Go to art college, make the most of your time, make contacts, enter more competitions, get work experience, and build your reputation as a budding designer, that any design group would wish to employ.

Top tips

  • Put yourself in the shoes of a Design Museum Shop customer, what would catch your eye? A product which is inventive? Useful? Beautiful? Fun?A completely brilliant idea? See what you think.
  • Get yourself a sketch pad and pencil, it doesn't matter if you think you can't draw, sketch ideas roughly, it's a really useful starting point.
  • To start with there's no right or wrong idea, keep your mind open to exploring lots of solutions, take inspiration from the designers featured at the Design Museum, be inventive, be different, try to design a product which will stand out from the crowd.
Area of expertise Communication Design, Design Management, Graphic Design, Visual Communication