Gurpreet Sehmi

Digi2al Ltd


With experience in agile delivery, research, design and managing digital services, I work with users and policy teams, to educate the value of user-centred design and development across government.

I build communities which represent and involve inclusive, diverse talent and experience, from all walks of life, bridging the gaps between policy, design and agile digital service delivery.

I work with teams to encourage new ideas, motivating them to embrace digital innovation and disruptive thinking in policy development; I am extremely passionate about creating simple yet meaningful, and effective, services and products.

Having achieved a First Class Honours in Design Management, I have worked in various companies, specialising in various areas in design, such as architecture, product and graphics.

I would love the opportunity to share my knowledge and most importantly, help younger generations to understand the impact and importance of design in everyday life.

Top tips

  • Who are your users? Design for their needs, not business requirements.
  • Design inclusively, making sure your designs can be used and accessed by everyone.
  • Be brave, bold and confident in your own abilities and creativity.
Area of expertise Communication Design, Design Education, Design Management, Graphic Design, Marketing, Other Design Discipline, Service Design