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  • Product of the Week: Air Vase by Torafu

    The Japanese architect and design firm, Torafu, have designed a product at an affordable price yet the unique features it owns has without a doubt gained more value than its selling price of only £11.

    The Air Vase is an easily malleable household item solely made of paper and is designed to be stretched and shaped into a vase, plate or bowl. Furthermore, its thin and flexible material allows it to be folded when not in use. To view the product, select the following link.

    Moreover, Torafu have been well known for producing both exciting and ingenious products through simple design and manufacturing. These designs include a doll’s house within a wooden chair and the Catchbowl.

     However, despite its practicality; Torafu have also designed it to be a different colour on each side of the vase when viewed from different angles. Torafu have undoubtedly proven the beauty that can be presented through the simple and practical household items used on day-to-day bases.