Design Ventura 2022-23 Brief Setter- Selasi Setufe MBE

Posted by Elysia Thorpe on September 05 2022

Design Ventura

We are pleased to announce that the Design Ventura 2022-23 brief setter is artist and designer Selasi Setufe.

Selasi Setufe, Photo credit Julian George @chefsignatures @madebyhumansstudio

Selasi Setufe is an architect with an interest in exploring socially responsive approaches to design, architecture and placemaking. She is co- director of Black Females in Architecture, an organisation which advocates for diversity, race and gender equity in Architecture, Design & Construction industries.

You can find out more about her work and the Design Ventura brief, by watching the brief video below:

She currently works as senior architect and innovative sites manager at Be First this year, students are challenged to design a product for the Design Museum Shop, inspired by the theme of ‘Place’.

“I have a particular interest in the impact that the places around us have on influencing our societies and environments. As an Architect, I have the pleasure of positively contributing to shaping spaces we live, work and play in. I am really excited to see how thoughts about ‘Place’ in all its different meanings are explored by the students taking part in this year’s Design Ventura programme, and I can’t wait to see the products they come up with. The first time I considered a career in design was whilst I was at secondary school and I hope the Design Ventura experience will inspire a new generation of designers and entrepreneurs.” Selasi Setufe

Selasi is interested in exploring socially responsive approaches to design, architecture and placemaking, with particular focus on cultural and environmental issues. The outcome of her work is varied and comes in multiple forms.

Selasi along with fourteen other practices were invited to create a paper model to sit on top of the cases in the V&A’s Architecture Gallery. These new models sit in dialogue with those underneath, building on this history to project into the future.

You can watch Sealsi’s top tips for students taking part in Design Ventura competition in the video below:

We are delighted that Sealsi will be one of our expert judges, helping to choose this year’s winning idea at the Pitching Day in March 2023.