Design Ventura 2021-22 Winning Product Eco Seed

Posted by Kahyun Lee on June 07 2022

Design Ventura
Cambourne Village College student team at the Celebration Event

The Design Ventura 2021-22 winners are Cambourne Village College with their product Eco Seed, a doughnut shaped grid which floats on water keeping seeds moist and provoking them to germinate.

Eco Seed prototype

Cambourne Village College’s design sheets demonstrate how the team generated and developed their ideas. The sheets clearly show the team’s design and prototyping processes and how they planned to address the criteria set out in the design brief, as well as allowing our shortlisting judges to clearly understand the final product design.

The team competed against 18,000 students from 397 schools across the UK. With their entry, Cambourne Village College earned a place in the top 10 shortlisted schools. As one of the shortlisted schools, they were invited to pitch their design idea to a panel of judges on 22 March. After much deliberation, the judges decided they should be the winners of Design Ventura 2021-22. You can watch this video to find out more about what happens at pitching day.

Cambourne Village College team were awarded with the Design Ventura trophy at the Celebration Event. All top ten shortlisted products are exhibited at the Design Ventura exhibition at the Design Museum.

Cambourne Village College team with the judges at the Celebration Event held at the Design Museum.

You can see the student team from Cambourne Village College talking about Eco Seed on BBC Cambridge and read about the winning product on Hort News.

Following the Celebration Event, the student team worked with design agency Triple Double Studio and Batch.Works to develop their Design Ventura 2021-22 winning product. The first product development meeting with the designers took place at both design agencies studios in London.

The Cambourne Team at their development meeting with Batch.Works in their Studio in London.
Final product to be sold in the shop.
The students from Cambourne village college launching their product at the Design Museum.

Eco seed launched at the Design Museum on 16th January 2023. The students from Cambourne Village College came to museum to launch the product in the shop. The product is on sale for £10.00 and all the proceeds will be donated to the students charity of choice: MND Association.

On Monday 3rd July 2023 the student team returned to the Design Museum to present a cheque from the sales of Eco Seed. The school raised an amazing £2550.42 for their chosen charity MND Association

All photos ©Richard Heald Photography/Design Museum