An introduction to branding and marketing from Make It Clear

Posted by Sarah Edwards on October 21 2021

Design Ventura

Branding and marketing your idea, where to begin? 

When creating a business or launching a new product, one of the first things to consider is branding and marketing.

  Branding is who you are and what you look like

  Marketing is how you increase people’s awareness of who you are and how you sell to your target audience.

Branding and marketing have to work together so your product looks and talks to its audience in the same way and sells well!

What is branding?

To begin creating your brand, you must first ask yourself and your team a few questions to understand what your brand is. The questions below are a great place to begin:

  • Why did you create your product?
  • What makes your product different?
  • What do you want people to think of when they hear your product name?
  • What feelings/reactions do you want people to have when they think about your product?

The typical parts of a brand are:

  • The brand identity: This includes things like your logo, colours and how you use things like photography or illustrations
  • Brand values: The things you really care about, take a look at the Make it Clear brand values on this video we created here
  • Brand positioning: This shows why your product is different and better than the others
  • The brand tone of voice: How you talk to the people that will buy your product

Your branding will establish what people will expect from your product. Knowing what you want to represent in your brand, can guide your marketing.

What is marketing?

Marketing refers to methods used to increase awareness of your product among your target audience, through messaging and visuals. Marketing can become complicated so start by focusing on the following:

  What you want to say and how you want to say it

  How you can reach the people who will want to buy your product

(For example, what social media platforms do your target audience use, or would it be better to just drop a leaflet through a door?)

Chicken or the egg, branding or marketing – which comes first?

Because branding is who you are, it must come first. Before creating your marketing messaging and visuals, you must first decide who your brand is so that you know what you are communicating.


When it comes to building a great brand and marketing plan, it’s all about creating something that works best for your unique product. Sometimes things may not go as planned but the important thing is to try new ideas. So be brave and good luck with branding and marketing your product for the Design Ventura competition!