Product Development Meeting for Sow Beautiful

Posted by Sophie Cunningham on July 21 2021

Design Ventura

On Monday 19 July 2021 the Design Ventura 2020 winning team from Heckmondwike Grammar School visited Design Studio ‘Tom Dick and Harry‘ for the first product development meeting for ‘Sow Beautiful’. The students have written this blog post about their experience:

The team outside ‘Tom, Dick and Harry’ Studio at Castleton Mill

We had the opportunity to visit Huw and Mark at the ‘Tom, Dick and Harry’ Design Agency at Castleton Mill in Leeds to discuss the development of our project.  

The students developing their product with ‘Tom, Dick and Harry’ Design Agency

The main topic of discussion was to explore the potential for renaming the seed launcher to be more suited to its function. After initially writing down a wide range of words associated with our product and its use, we then experimented with different word combinations and discussed which title was most appropriate for the product.  

We haven’t yet decided which name to take forward, but it has given us plenty of food for thought. Mark and Huw then led us through ways in which we can use illustration and typography to ensure the branding is appealing to our target audience.  

The ‘Tom, Dick and Harry’ Team will now apply their creative skills to explore different design opportunities to make the product appropriate for manufacture. We are looking forward to meeting up again in September to consider the next steps of our design journey.  

We can also highly recommend the toasties at the Castleton Mill Café! 

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