Design Ventura Online Mini Challenge

Posted by Poppy Parry on March 30 2020

Design Ventura

When the Design Museum temporarily closed due to covid-19, we moved our mini challenge online as part of the Design Museum’s digital design calendar.

This mini challenge ran for 20 weeks. Each week a prize was awarded for the best design submitted into the virtual Ventura postbox, chosen by one of our expert volunteers.

This weekly competition was open to everyone; students, designers, adults and young people of all ages. It was a fun design challenge for all the family!

Design Ventura Post Box, photo credit: Tom Bird @bytombird

The brief was to come up with a new, creative and commercially viable product for the Design Museum Shop, upload a photo of the design and fill out a form for a chance to win.

Each week we announced the winning design via Twitter and Instagram and that person will be sent a prize in the post. Below is the design brief:

Here are the winning submissions to the Design Ventura Mini Challenge:

Week 1: Elektro Pencil by Nyah aged 6 
A rechargeable pencil that helps children learning to write.
Week 2: Environmentally Friendly Torch by Ubaid aged 15
A wind up, solar powered torch made from recycled plastic with glow in the dark buttons.
Week 3: Organic Pocket Cup by Bethan aged 13
A collapsible cup that comes in a bag made entirely from sustainable materials.
Week 4: DROP-A-SEED by Estair aged 18 
A frisbee that dispenses seeds when thrown.
Week 5: ‘Design’ Rubix Cube by Muhammed aged 18 
A reimagining of the classic game for the Design Museum Shop.
 Week 6: Size Adaptable Chair by Louen aged 13 
A chair for children that can be adapted to their height as they grow.
Week 7: Thermo-changing Straw by Lauren aged 14
A reusable straw that changes colour depending on the temperature of the drink.
Week 8: Hidden Plant Pot Safe by Mia aged 16
A sound proof safe to hide valuables that looks like a plant pot.
Week 9: Handi Handles by Maya and Steve, aged 7 and 40
Handles to protect your hands when carrying reusable shopping bags.