Design Ventura Online Mini Challenge

Posted by Poppy Parry on March 30 2020

Design Ventura

When the Design Museum temporarily closed due to covid-19 in March 2020, we moved our mini challenge online as part of the Design Museum’s Digital Design Calendar.

This mini challenge ran for 20 weeks. Each week a prize was awarded for the best design submitted into the virtual Ventura postbox, chosen by one of our expert volunteers.

This weekly competition was open to everyone; students, designers, adults and young people of all ages. It was a fun design challenge for all the family!

We are excited to announce that we will be rerunning the online mini challenge for KS3 students in the Autumn term, so watch this space for more information.

Design Ventura Post Box, photo credit: Tom Bird @bytombird

The brief was to come up with a new, creative product for the Design Museum Shop, upload a photo of the design and fill out a form for a chance to win.

Each week we announced the winning design via Twitter and Instagram and that person will be sent a prize in the post. Below is the design brief:

Here are the winning submissions to the Design Ventura Mini Challenge:

Week 1: Elektro Pencil by Nyah aged 6 
A rechargeable pencil that helps children learning to write.
Week 2: Environmentally Friendly Torch by Ubaid aged 15
A wind up, solar powered torch made from recycled plastic with glow in the dark buttons.
Week 3: Organic Pocket Cup by Bethan aged 13
A collapsible cup that comes in a bag made entirely from sustainable materials.
Week 4: DROP-A-SEED by Estair aged 18 
A frisbee that dispenses seeds when thrown.
Week 5: ‘Design’ Rubix Cube by Muhammed aged 18 
A reimagining of the classic game for the Design Museum Shop.
 Week 6: Size Adaptable Chair by Louen aged 13 
A chair for children that can be adapted to their height as they grow.
Week 7: Thermo-changing Straw by Lauren aged 14
A reusable straw that changes colour depending on the temperature of the drink.
Week 8: Hidden Plant Pot Safe by Mia aged 16
A sound proof safe to hide valuables that looks like a plant pot.
Week 9: Handi Handles by Maya and Steve, aged 7 and 40
Handles to protect your hands when carrying reusable shopping bags.
Week 10: Ease the Pressure Pen by Daisy, aged 15. A smart pen that flashes when gripped too tightly.
Week 11: Solar System by Emily, aged 15. A nightlight that teaches young children about the solar system.
Week 12: Bottle Rocket by Charlie, aged 13. A build your own rocket kit that teaches young children about physics.
Week 12: Car Pairs by Fab, aged 14. A car themed memory game.
Week 13: TriOX, a game by Luka, aged 13.
Week 15: Fast Plant by Olivia, aged 13. A sensor to let you know a plants humidity, exposure to sunlight and moisture.
Week 16: Footstall Bed by Gabrielle, aged 12.
Week 17: Adjustable picture frame by Jay aged 11.
Week 18: Gyro Charger by Layton, aged 13. A yoyo that charges your phone.
Week 19: Left and Light by Charlie, aged 12. A glow in the dark wrist band that helps people tell their left from right.
Week 20: Smart Sunglasses by Mile, aged 14. Sunglasses that change colour depending on the UV levels, so you know when to wear sunscreen.