Example Submission: 2017 Second Place Entry – Fairmead School

Posted by Poppy Parry on November 07 2018

Design Ventura

As the deadline for Design Ventura 2018 approaches (Wednesday 14 November, 5pm), we wanted to look back at the submission that won second place in last year’s competition.

The judges loved Fairmead School’s Spinning Thumb Plate. The panel liked that the idea met a specific need, demonstrated thorough development, prototyping and research.

Below is their submission form and A3 sheets. We’d like to highlight some of the strengths and some areas for improvement from their submission, things to look out for when submitting for Design Ventura 2018.

Entry Form:

A3 Sheets:




  1. Clarity – the layout is clear and easy to understand. The sheets clearly communicate what the product is and show the full design process. Also, each sheet has the name of the school at the top.
  2. Design Development – the sheets show the design process from beginning to end. They include initial sketches of the idea and photos of different prototypes. They show the product in use and the planned packaging design.
  3. Budgeting – they have filled out a sample budget sheet, looking at costings and suppliers. (While the budget sheet is not a requirement of submission, clear costings should be included in your A3 sheets if not included in a separate budget sheet.)

Areas for improvement:

  1. Only 2 sheets – we do ask schools to submit 3 sheets and an optional, additional budget sheet.
  2. Further research – while they have shown good research of other similar products, some further research of the Design Museum Shop specifically could have been useful to show.
  3. User testing and feedback – including feedback on their design by their target audience would have strengthened this entry.

We can’t wait to see all the wonderful submissions for Design Ventura 2018!