Design Ventura Winning Product 2017 Petal Pot

Posted by Administrator on March 09 2018

Design Ventura
Petal Pot final product

This year’s Design Ventura winning product, Petal Pot, is a plant pot that expands as the plant grows, reducing the waste of replacing pots.

Weatherhead High School design process sheets for Petal Pot
Weatherhead High School prototype for Petal Pot

The idea created by Sanjita, Libby, Emma, Shiann from Weatherhead High School will be manufactured and sold to the public from this summer at the Design Museum Shop.

Weatherhead High School Team at the Design Ventura Celebration Event

The Weatherhead High School team were awarded with the Design Ventura trophy at the Celebration Event. All top ten shortlisted products were exhibited at the Design Ventura exhibition at the Design Museum.

Design Ventura Exhibition at the Design Museum

Following the Celebration Event, the team worked with the design studio  Giles Miller to develop their winning product. When developing the product they decided to make it out of Gum-tec, a material made from recycled chewing gum. This material was created by the 2017 Brief Setter, Anna Bullus the founder of Gumdrop.

Petal Pot – Final Product

Through collaborative sessions they worked together to get Petal Pot ready to be made and sold in the Design Museum Shop. The product was launched at the Design Museum Shop in 2018.

Petal Pot Product Launch in the Design Museum Shop

On the launch day, the team put their sales skills to the test, selling their product at the Deutsche Bank Office. 

Petal Pot Product Launch at Deutsche Bank

All proceeds from the sale of Petal Pot went to the team’s chosen charity, Claire House Childrens’ Hospice. The students later visited Claire House Hospice in December 2018.