School Post: Dartford Grammar School for Girls

Posted by Administrator on January 18 2018


The following post was written by Lottie, one of the 14,500 students taking place in the Design Ventura this year. Lottie writes about her experience with the project and the impact it had on herself and the students at Dartford Grammar School for Girls. 


My Experience with Design Ventura

My group consisted of Lottie, Akshita, Timielin, Nia

I loved the process of the Design Ventura challenge. Throughout this term we have been working on our Design Ventura project, we have been creating and deigning product to help our target audience with their everyday life. We got to choose our target audience; we were able to do this easily because we wanted to be able to relate to our target audience which would help with our designing process. Therefore we chose to do young people and students. First we worked by ourselves to get some initial ideas and also some research on the materials we would be using. Later we got into groups to share our ideas with the other team members.

We then chose two of our initial that we were going to expand and develop. This was a hard decision and this was our first main rough patch that we had to overcome. We shared our ideas in the group to get the best possible product that we could. To develop our product further we did more research into the materials we were using as well as existing products similar to ours. To make sure that our project stood out from these we made questionnaires to ask our target audience. To make sure that we got lots of different opinions we asked people of different ages and interests. After this we adapted our product, our final product was a cardboard desk tidy creation which we named the stabboid.

We then created a power point and folder expressing our idea. This was my favourite part of the project because when all of our idea had come together into these formats it really looked like a real project, this was very exciting. We worked very well as a team as we are all hard-working at we are also friends so we could share ideas better. We gave lots of constructive criticism which greatly helped our product to develop thought the term. We could have added more information about advertising, manufacturing and sales because that would have helped to get our product across the judges (Mrs Maritz and Mrs Pritchard). We were good and presenting sustainability, initial ideas and questionnaires.

Overall it was a very exciting project and I am extremely happy that I got to participate in the Design Ventura project. Also, watching other people presentations was a huge learning development as we got to see how other people created and developed there project step by step. Seeing these also helped us to see how to get the higher marks in this project. It helped me understand what we had to include that we missed out. These weren’t huge things but would really help with our presentation. In conclusion, I thoroughly enjoyed myself during this project.

By Lottie


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