Independent school winner’s prize day 2016

Posted by Administrator on May 01 2017

Design Ventura

On Thursday 27 April we had a visit from the team from Royal Grammar School, in Newcastle. The team came first in the Independent and Overseas category with Kit Control, a visual checklist tool enabling the user to physically and mentally check off items of sporting clothing as they pack their sports bag.

The judges thought Kit Control, was a nicely presented and prototyped idea with good research into manufacturing and materials. They also thought the team clearly identified a problem and solved it creatively, with a clearly defined target audience in mind.

Their prize was a workshop and museum and shop tour with Tiffany Radmore, a Design Museum educator and Paul Jenkins, a product designer at Triple Double Studio.

During the day, the team went to speak to Steven Preston, the Retail Operations Manager for the Design Museum Shop to hear about the type of products the shop stocks and to research the packaging and display options.

The team then worked with Paul Jenkins to further design Kit Control along with some ideas for their packaging and point of sale marketing.

Thanks to Tiffany and Paul for their time.

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