How to make your product stand out

Posted by Administrator on September 12 2016

Design Ventura

What is a product?

A product is a thing or a service that is sold to customers or other businesses. Customers usually buy a product to meet a need, as a result when a product is designed it is important that the requirements of the customer (the target audience) are carefully considered.

What is product differentiation?

Product differentiation determines how a product is made to stand out from other similar products, and it uses that difference to drive customer interest and sell the product. Product differentiation can be as simple as packaging the goods in a creative way, or as elaborate as incorporating additional features.

Throughout the design process, the function, appearance and cost of the product need to be considered in relation to the target audience to ensure that it will appeal to the target market.

How product differentiation is created:

  • Establishing a strong brand image(through packaging and logos)
  • Emphasising the unique selling point (USP), this can be done through the use of a product tag line
  • Offering better, features, functions, design, appearance or selling price than rival products.

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