Flat-Pack Favourites

Posted by Administrator on November 22 2014

Design Ventura

The Design Museum shop is a playground for ideas and inspiration

Design Ventura is asking teams to design, make AND package a product for no more than £5.00. One of my favourite tips I’ve heard a lot of designers mention is to look for existing products that are made with simple materials and simple manufacturing processes.

Manufacturing through extrusion forming, blow-moulding, vacuum forming or any process that involves specially formed moulds and tooling all seem quite complicated and expensive, not forgetting there’s still the product finishing, refining and packaging to get through.

So here’s a look at my first round of shop research to inspire your next steps in developing your ideas and things to consider. The images look at products that have one or more of the following qualities:

Eye-catching and stands out from the crowd
Make-do products
Simple materials

SNUG TRIO decoration:

Flat-pack, simple materials, beautifully finished, simple packaging and loads of potential for development: the simple, clear and informative packing adds value. It could have even been made into a postable gift like the Postcarden product range.

Woodland Creatures:

Flat-pack, single material, simple packing, clear so you can see inside without adding any more to the packing itself.

Paper Town:

Everyday corrugated cardboard, printed with bright colours, inviting consumers to create their own miniature towns.

Snug Magnets:

Playful magnetic shapes, eye-catching, single material, simple packaging, easy to understand, and interactive.

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