What makes a good idea great?

Posted by Administrator on September 22 2014

Design Ventura

Enterprising ideas: Simple ideas with big appeal – what makes a good idea great?

Explaining what makes a good idea great is tricky, first it’s understanding what makes a an idea ‘great’ in the first place.

Personally, I think it’s an idea which makes you smile, it captures your full attention, you immediately ‘get it’, you value it’s cleverness, usefulness or sheer beauty.

You don’t have to be an experienced designer to hit upon a great idea, the process gets easier with experience, years of brain training! But with applied dedication, curiosity, perseverance and imagination anyone can come up with that winning idea. It’s all about having an open, enquiring mind. And, the time to properly consider and develop your thinking into strong concepts.

Remember, everything’s been done before, it’s about learning from what’s been done and making things even better. A completely innovative, fresh new idea will always stand out, that’s what you should strive for.

To be really ‘great’ the idea really has to answer the brief in the most succinct way, the simpler the better.

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