Second place St Olaves students meet designer Giles Miller

Posted by Administrator on January 22 2014

Design Ventura

On Monday we had a visit from the Linear team from St Olaves school in Orpington. The team came second in Design Ventura 2013 with their wooden, laser cut wallet.

Their prize was a day with top designer Giles Miller to discuss the possible development of their product. Giles’ work focusses mainly on surface design and he brings a wealth of knowledge on design and cutting-edge production techniques.

The judges loved the product for its attractive design, choice of material and originality, but unfortunately the design wasn’t robust enough for its purpose.  Giles and the team discussed what aspects of the design needed improving and what aspects were successful.

The team then went to do a bit of research in the Designs of the Year exhibition, looking particularly at material qualities – surface, suitability for function and the transformation of a material making it useful for other applications.

This was followed by a quick ideas session with the team trying to come up with as many solutions as possible in a short amount of time.

At the end of the day the team had positive ways to take forward their fantastic wallet idea.

Thanks to Giles for giving us his time.

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