2010 Winners talk through production plans with Build

Posted by Administrator on July 22 2010

Design Ventura

The winning team of four girls from Haberdashers’ Aske’s Hatcham College have just been for their first meeting with Nicky from Build – the design studio selected to firm up the brief and help bring Dove Bunting into production. With the aim of being on shelves in the Design Museum Shop by August, Love Planet are benefiting from Build’s expert advice, accumulated over 10 years running a successful design studio.

The product, Dove Bunting, had moved on since the competition and the young designers presented Nicky with the latest developments including finer details such as pattern ideas, materials, and packaging design.

The young people suggested re-designing the packaging to convey the story behind the product – essentially to explain their journey from original designs to winning the competition and moving into production. Nicky was keen on this idea as it adds incentive to purchase for potential customers in the Shop.

Nicky then discussed the process of designing and advised the girls to start with an ideal manifestation but be prepared to be flexible and adaptable as the realities of manufacturing process and cost come into play. These factors can affect the size, surface decoration and materials of the final product. The young designers have now adapted their plan to include printed wood instead of vintage fabrics as original fabrics can be too costly.

The design team also agreed to re-consider their branding before the next meeting, planning to utilise their creative entrepreneurial skills to match up their product with existing lines in the Design Museum range, ensuring it gains maximum appeal.

The meeting concluded with Nicky and the girls settled on some action points to work towards including sourcing sustainable ribbon samples, finalising dove designs and contacting the charity of their choice to have profits donated to.

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