Muna Tutton

Deutsche Bank


I’m a Treasury Functional Architect, responsible for defining the vision, strategy and roadmap for the Treasury IT architecture that takes us from the current state to the target, in order to enable us to meet the needs of the businesses we support.

Treasury is a consumer of vast amounts of data and as a result there is a very high degree of complexity in our application architecture. Architecture helps the bank to invest in the change efficiently and effectively and to understand how we move towards our vision and strategy.

Prior to my role I have had a number of roles in different parts of the bank, from operations, to exotic equity derivatives IT roles and to enterprise architecture. I’ve gained a wealth of different skills and knowledge through these varied jobs.

Before joining Deutsche Bank, I worked for a space-technology transfer company that supported companies developing products that use patents created and owned by the European Space Agency. I then worked for a spin-off start-up company that were applying Shape Memory Alloy technology in a number of different products.