Andrew Stonehouse

S2 Design and Advertising Ltd


I first worked in design as a freelance graphic designer in Birmingham in 1987 whilst also continuing my training via a art and design foundation, HND and then a Visual communications degree which I completed in 1992.

1992-96: Sole designer for a national charity responsible for the design of all communications materials from rebranding to launching a regular magazine, newsletters, audio visuals etc

1996-98 Employed as a design agency in Surrey working on a range of materials for diverse clients such as Smithklien Beecham, to Tear Fund

1998- 2001 Studio Director for a West London design agency (Silver Fish Creative Marketing and Silver Fish Publishing) that grew from 4 to 64 staff during my time at the firm – working with a large mixture of clients from bluechips, finance & banking (Credit Suisse, Barclays & Natwest), Nuclear safety (WANO & WNTI), government bodies (Institute for European Environmental Policy), The Rover Group and Kensington & Chelsea Council, The Church of England, through to smaller London based businesses & charities. I was also involved in designing & publishing various magazine titles as well.

2001 -2004 Employed as the design Manager for the Church of England, principally in the publishing unit, and responsible for all visual output & the consistent the implementation of new brand mark. Reports to government, book publishing, school resources, exhibitions, posters, signage, websites, interactive media etc etc. I was involved in consultation or directly oversaw almost every possible aspect of the visual output and the visual identity of the CofE in all arenas.

In 2001 I was set up the firm I present work for, S2 design – joining the partnership full-time when I completed my contract with the CofE and going Ltd in 2013.

S2 design has worked with many of the same clients as Silver Fish – specialising in branding and print/publishing. Our clients have included: Nuclear safety bodies (WNTI & WANO), the CofE, The Ambassador Theatre Group & Wimbledon Theatre, The Pension Management institute, CIMA, The Princes Royal Trust for Careers, a couple of local council authorities, various national businesses along with other national and international charities. We have grown via reputation and service. We do not advertise and do not promote ourselves via a website which we feel says a great deal about the quality of our work and the service we deliver to our clients.

I have been a card carrying member of the NUJ, registered as a photographer for about a decade, so in 2014 I also launched a photography business ( which was recognised in the Croydon Business awards in 2015 in two categories (2nd, and 3rd places respectively). Having trained originally at art school on film cameras the advances in digital photography – and later marrying a photographer, this seems a logical addition to the business portfolio.

When I started my career everything was still done on drawing boards, with paste-up artwork – I have seen, lived through and embraced the digital revolution in both design and photography.