Design Ideas – from tricky start to breakthrough

Posted by Catherine Broadhurst on October 18 2018

Design Ventura

What a tough start to the project!

We were delayed in starting due to students dropping in and out of taking part. But our core set of students have been consistently enthusiastic and we now have 2 interesting teams!

We really struggled to come up with ideas that would solve a problem for our particular target audience, and being able to look at other designs, away from initial ideas. We have had all sorts of ideas but for 2 evenings we struggled with narrowing down the ideas into something that would be doable in our school workshop, with the materials that we have available.

HOWEVER….. we have had a break through!! Both teams have come in this evening with solid ideas that do solve an everyday problem and have been really productive in coming up with designs and, with one team, even a logo for their product.

Now that they have an idea, the project seems much more achievable and the teams seem to be more focused and enthusiastic.

Next week at double after school club, we will start modelling the designs to see how the mechanisms could work before our week off for half term.