A unique opportunity

Posted by Sebastian Massei on October 03 2017


Ventura design is a great opportunity I wish I had when I was at secondary school. Access to a remarkable venue with valuable guidance from professionals. The chance to work in a nationwide competition and helping a charity. All in one.

Having said that I would encourage any school which hasn’t yet signed up, to do it promptly for 2017.

My background is in graphic design, so I imagine some of the students wondering whether that experience is relevant to the brief.

Design thinking revolves around the same principles when thinking of the audience at heart. The same thinking would apply in coming up with a campaign as it would to design a chair.

With this in mind and having observed the groups and their different approaches to the warm-up brief we propose at the workshop, I have come up with a few tips.

  1. Share. Good ideas could come from everywhere and everyone, not only from professional adult designers. So, be a team player. There might be a quite character in your group but they deserve to have a voice too. You’ll be surprised.
  2. Observe. Design is to do with common sense a lot of the time, so look at the world around you, not only in the confines of your screen. The Ventura brief asks for a product that people would be using. So for example, if your product would be something portable, would it fit in a pocket? What size pockets are there in general? Look at your own pockets. And for children? etc.
  3. Let go. Sometimes a group can come up with 10 ideas. There will be one day in which you need to decide and your timescale will only allow for one, perhaps two ideas, for development. Breathe and let go of the other 9.
  4. Make the best of it. The Design Museum happens to be near you. The people that make Ventura happen are here right now. Exactly when you happen to be the right age. Enjoy it.

I hope these tips are useful and good luck to all schools with the rest of the project.


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