Winning Product 2015 – Wheelys

Posted by Emilie Harrak on July 21 2016

Design Ventura

The Design Ventura 2015 winners were Finchley Catholic High School with their children’s toy racer, Wheelys. Designed with the 2015 brief “Move” in mind, these speedy toys were a favourite with the judges.

Wheelys are propelled with a wind up rubber band mechanism and are made completely from their own packaging, meaning they use minimal materials. They can be customised using stickers and then raced!

Finchley Catholic High School’s 3 x A3 design sheets demonstrate how the team generated and devloped their ideas. The sheets clearly show the team’s design and prototyping processes and how they planned to address the criteria set out in the design brief, as well as allowing our shortlisting judges to quickly and clearly understand the final product design:

Finchley Catholic High School’s entry form:

With this entry, Finchley Catholic High School earned a place on the Design Ventura 2015 shortlist as one of our top ten school teams. Shortlisted teams visited the Design Museum to pitch their products to our panel of design industry expert judges at our pitching event in December. To see more of the pitching day, watch our pitching day video:

The Finchley Catholic High School team made a convincing case for Wheelys at the pitching event, presenting an engaging pitch and demonstrating clearly how the product fulfilled the design brief and judging criteria. After much deliberation, the judges decided they should be the winners of Design Ventura 2015.

The Finchley Catholic High School team were awarded with the Design Ventura 2015 Winners award at the Celebration Event and Design Ventura exhibition in February 2016.

Following the Celebration Event, students from Finchley Catholic High School worked with design studio Kin to develop their Design Ventura 2015 winning product. The product was renamed Dazzle Racer, packaged by students and sold in the Design Museum Shop.

As part of the launch of their product, students took their Dazzle Racers to the Deutsche Bank office.

The money made from the sales of the Dazzle Racers went to the team’s chosen charity, Great Ormond Street Hopsital. In total, it raised over £1,570, which was presented to the charity at the Celebration Event 2016.

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