Celebrating Design Ventura 2015

Posted by Emilie Harrak on February 20 2016

Design Ventura

This year’s Design Ventura Celebration Event took place on February 10th 2016. The event, held in the Riverside Hall of the Design Museum, brought together Design Ventura 2015’s shortlisted school teams, their teachers, family and friends, Deutsche Bank employees, Design Industry Experts, the Design Museum team and special VIP guests to celebrate the success of Design Ventura 2015.

The event was a chance for school teams to discuss and explain their Design Ventura products with the other guests. Students took full advantage of this opportunity – acting as spokespeople for their products and ambassadors for their schools.

The event also saw the unveiling of the exhibition of Design Ventura prototypes, showing students’ work in the highly regarded Design Museum exhibition tank, in a display designed by Multiadaptor and Marc Trotereau. Our shortlisted teams this year had made their way to the top ten teams out of over 10,000 students who took part, so putting their prototypes into a professional exhibition space was a fitting tribute to their hard work.

Last Year’s Design Ventura winners Burnage Academy came to the event from Manchester to present a cheque from the proceeds of their best selling Design Ventura product, Card Cogs, to their chosen charity, the Christie.

The final, and most anticipated, element of the Celebration Event was the announcement of the Design Ventura 2015 awards.

Presented by judges Naomi Cleaver, Sebastian Conran, Christoph Woermann and Rebecca Hossain, prizes were awarded to the top ten schools: Caterham High School, Central Foundation Boys’ School, Dame Alice Owens School & Herts and Essex High School snapped up the Outstanding Finalist titles; Park House School received a commendation for sustainability; Trinity Academy received a commendation for their original concept; Orleans Park School received a commendation for good design and professionalism; Royal Grammar School, Newcastle came in at third place; South Wilts Grammar School for Girls took the second place prize; and Finchley Catholic High School were our much deserved Design Ventura 2015 overall winners, with their simple, fun and eco-friendly product, Wheelys.

Teacher of the year prize was awarded to Amanda Davighi of Dame Alice Owens School.

The Celebration Event was a great opportunity to all those who were involved in Design Ventura 2015 to celebrate all their hard work and the fantastic products developed by our 2015 shortlist teams and Design Ventura prize winners.

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