Design Ventura winners 2013

Posted by Emilie Harrak on December 22 2013

Design Ventura

WINNER: Weald of Kent Grammar School, Sliderz
Fun-shaped tube squeezers to help users get the last bit of toothpaste from tubes.

Judges’ comments:
Sliderz has an instant appeal and solves a problem that is easily identified. This handy idea answers the brief well. The judges were impressed by thought given to manufacturing and materials, and could see that it would sell well in the Design Museum shop.

SECOND PLACE: St Olave’s Grammar School, Linear
Wallet that uses laser cutting technique to create a ‘living hinge’ and pattern on birch plywood.

Judges’ comments:
A beautiful, well-finished design with instant appeal and a great tactile quality. The production process using birch plywood creates a visually pleasing product with a lovely natural smell. The product could be developed to improve the durability and to make more of its natural, sensory appeal.

THIRD PLACE: Vyners School, Plug Pull
Aid for pulling electrical plugs out of wall sockets

Judges’ comments:
This simple and rational design makes good use of materials and directly addresses the brief, but doesn’t quite hit the target market at the Design Museum.

COMMENDED FOR GOOD DESIGN: Lea Valley High School, Wrap ‘N’ Snap
Animal-themed straps for organising cables

Judges’ comments:
This product has an immediate visual appeal and is charming. It was impressive to see the versatility of the ‘Wrap N Snap’ as a

A rubber stopper for closing half full drinks cans to avoid waste.

Judges’ comments:
The presentation of Pop Stop was outstanding and the arguments for the product’s sustainability were compelling. This fantastic idea has a great market potential but would benefit from further development before it is ready for sale on a commercial market.

COMMENDED FOR GOOD COMMUNICATION: Ursuline High School, Skyline Stencils
Series of stencils of London landmark buildings for customising objects and creative projects in the home.

Judges’ comments:
This versatile idea was presented with great energy and enthusiasm. Particularly impressive was the range ways the stencils could be used but the ‘handy’ theme of the brief was not addressed directly enough. The team’s use of social media to promote the product is to be highly commended.

OUTSTANDING FINALIST: Brighton College, Hammer Helper
Aid for better accuracy and avoiding hurt fingers when hammering in nails

Judges’ comments:
This is an excellent idea which has been well developed from the original concept. Further refinement could identify whether the Design Museum or DIY shops would be the best market.

OUTSTANDING FINALIST: Copthall School, The Roll Out Case
Roll up magnetic stationery organiser, incorporating hand-decorated, fair-trade fabric

Judges’ comments:
This unusual take on the traditional pencil case or tool bag has the added attraction of being handmade. The product inspired lots of ideas from the judges and has potential to be developed into a really unique product.

OUTSTANDING FINALIST: St Aidan’s CofE High School, Handy Holder
Cushion to protect your hand when carrying heavy carrier bags, incorporating used bike tyres

Judges’ comments:
Handy Holder is a well-finished product that makes good use of recycled materials. It offers a practical solution to a problem faced by many people, and could be developed to encourage users to choose more eco-friendly bags.

OUTSTANDING FINALIST: St Alban’s Catholic High School, Steam’sy
Pyramid shaped, papyrus food steamers

Judges’ comments:
The judges were impressed by the originality of this idea and by the choice of such an unusual material. The judges were intrigued to see how this idea could develop with further consideration given to the sourcing of papyrus, the product’s durability and its appeal to potential customers.

Claire Johnston, Wilmington Grammar School

Judges’ comments:
The Teacher of the Year Award aims to celebrate the amazing work of practitioners who innovate through design education to make Design Ventura a success for their schools. This year’s winner led a dynamic project involving 120 students, industry experts, and colleagues from other subjects including English, History, ICT and Geography. This project showed the relevancy of design and enterprise across the school curriculum. Thank you Claire!

Harry Trimble

Judges’ comments:
Insights from the world of business and design are central to Design Ventura and this year the Design Volunteer of the Year goes to Harry Trimble who has supported the project by attending student workshops, by sharing ideas and advice behind the scenes, and by supporting teacher events, planning meetings and our first Ventura event for families. Thank you Harry!

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