Top Tips for Presenting your Work

Posted by Emilie Harrak on July 20 2015


Design Industry Expert Harry Trimble gives his top tips for presenting your work. This advice should help you in your practice for pitching your Design Ventura products, both in school and then at The Design Museum if you are chosen for our shortlist!

My name is Harry, I am a designer at Government Digital Service.

I get nervous talking about my work. There are not many designers who don’t. You too might get nervous about presenting your work, but take comfort in knowing as a designer, its normal to feel this way.

Showing others your work makes the work better. It makes you better as a designer. Doing it allows you to get feedback, which can be fed back into next version of your design. Showing your work helps with finding the best words to describe it. Thirdly the more you present, the more open you become to criticism. Although this is the scariest bit of presenting; people saying what they think about something you’ve created, getting criticism, listening to it and responding positively, is an important part of doing good design work.

Here are things I do before and when I present my work:

Practice ~ in front of people who don’t know the work. This will make you focus on being clear.
Be enthusiastic ~ show passion for what you’ve created and others will see it is worth being enthusiastic about.
Look at your teammates when they present ~ not only is it respectful, it indicates to others what they are saying is worth listening to.
Listen to questions carefully ~ this makes them easier to answer.



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