Generating Ideas by Industry Expert Peta Miller

Posted by Emilie Harrak on July 22 2014


As part of the exploration and research stage of my designing process, I find it really helpful to create a list. In this instance, if I was taking part in Design Ventura, I would start by creating a list relating the theme ‘Connect’ and focusing on the three P’s – People, Pieces, Products.

Why don’t you have a go, list all the different items relating to the theme and the three P’s. I’ve started the list below, why don’t you add to it:

People (connecting with people).

Post (postage stamp, postcards, rubber stamps)
The internet…

Pieces (pieces that connect together to make something useful, playful, interesting or beautiful).

Jigsaw puzzle

Product (something that can be added to an existing product to personalize it, make it extra useful, change its use or just inspiring to look at).

Jar Tops by Royalvkb
Twist & Spout watering can
Plume mudguard…

Potential route for developing your ideas:

What from your list of ideas might be missing from the Design Museum shop?

Top Tips:

1. For inspiration, visit gift shops and other places that you find interesting.

2. Think about sustainability, the lifespan of your product and how environmentally friendly it is.

3. Explore and look for ideas around you.

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